Best Paying Careers That Don’t Require A College Degree

best paying jobs that don't require a college degree

These days, many are questioning the value of college degree. Some economists have even argued that many college degrees are a waste of money (for example, see this recent article by The Economist). For those who would like a well paying career without getting into student debt, these career choices may your best bet!

Top Paying Career Fields That Don’t Require A College Degree

5) Drafter

In 2012, drafters earned on average $53,640 a year (or $24.43 an hour). If you are able to draw a straight line without the aid of a ruler, this many be a good career path for you! There were 196,460 people employed as drafters in 2012.

4) Insurance Sales Agents and Appraisers

Insurance appraisers for auto damage earned around $63,100 a year, while insurance sales agents earned $63,610 a year (or $30.58 an hour). There were over 354,460 insurance sales Agents employed in 2012. Some preliminary training in your field is usually required by employers (and is often provided by them), and a college degree is not usually necessary.

3) Sales Representative

The annual salary, on average, for a sales representative was $68,680 in 2012 (or $33.02 an hour), with 1,653,600 sales representative positions reported in 2012. Some sales representatives may have a bachelor’s degree, but many do not. What is more important than a degree is your ability to sell effectively!

2) Dental Hygienists

Dental¬†Hygienists brought home $71,530 on average yearly for 2012 ($34.39 an hour!). A dental hygienist will clean patient’s teeth and examine patients for signs of oral disease. They also help inform and educate their patients about proper oral hygiene, apply fluoride and sealants, and take dental x rays. Generally you don’t need a degree, and learn through on the job training. There were around 192,330 people employed in the field in 2012.

1)  Advertising and Promotion Manager

Advertising and promotion managers often create contests, coupons and giveaways for companies. If this excites you, then you will be even more excited to learn that their average annual wage is a cool $112,870 a year. There were around 28,530 people employed in this field in 2012. Online advertising managers, in particular, can expect substantial job growth in their field over the next decade.

Source: Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2013